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Saturday, January 30, 2010

2009 "New Comer Writer's Award Winner" Featured Author: Ton'e Brown (Writer)

Book title: Shared Gratitude, "A Way of Living"
ISBN: 978 0 557 25132 2

Meet Ton'e Brown, Independent Self-Publishing Writer-Author, Founder of Writers, Authors, Poets Networking Group and The WAPNG Magazine and News Letter:

      Congratulations on your 2009 "New Comer Writer's Award from the Alumnus Writers Club." Let me start by saying I truly enjoyed interviewing Self-publishing Writer and Author Ton'e Brown. She has an amazing presence and her personality and energy was so contagious all I could do was to smile back at her. Throughout the entire interview she was beaming with excitement smiling from ear to ear. It was a joy to meet with her.

Ton'e has written several books to her acclaim. Her most popular book Shared Gratitude-A Way of Living shocked the literary world of writers and open the hearts of readers who stand in lines waiting the chance to receive signed copies of her book. Seeking her out to have the opportunity to listen as she shares her heart warming stories that many hang on her every word with tears of joy and laughter. Her previous authored book titles: Bullies Exposed-Stop! The Madness, Hayden-Love Stories Four book Series. Her next book due in spring of 2010 is 40 Plus and Living it up. Sounds to be a very interesting book about men and women over forty and life's experiences. In addition, to starting her own publishing company called Hayden Publications, Inc LLC(c) she also mastered self promotion and giving guidance to her peers.

Ton'e doesn't limit her writings to any one genre which I admire her diversity. She states it's hard to categorize your self with one area of writing because you love how the words form to create stories so you don't want to box yourself. Sometimes it's inspirational and sometimes its story telling, and then you have creative writing of poetry and emotions. You never know if there is a person or life situation that your words may make a difference to someone that says to you, "you changed my life" or "I really identified with what you wrote in your book or written quotes."

Ton'e has been writing and journaling her entire life as a favorite past time to clear her thoughts. Before she knew it she had several books written then the decision became would anyone be interested in what she had written. I asked Ton'e "Why did you decide to become a writer?" and she said, "It's always been a desire to write I just never imagined it as a career. What made you decide to create a magazine for writers? Originally, it wasn't for writers it was to interview ordinary people who did great things but I kept connecting to people who had the artistic gift to write. I found that many writers including myself had no platform. It did not matter if it was a novelist, or a poet people who love to write did not know how to promote their work or get it published. The magazine became a way to give a voice, connect with peers, and provide information that helped other writers. What authors inspired you in your writing? I tried to pen down a favorite author or writer but the only answer I could get out of Ton'e was that her inspiration comes by way of various authors which depends on the mood or what's happening in her life at that time. She continued by saying, "What's important in a book is if there's something that can be applied to life or you can feel the inspiration behind it." Also a book is good to me if it flows and keeps my attention long enough to finish it with anticipation.

Ton'e purposes her self to give back not only through her writing but also through the distribution of her magazine that features individual artistic talents. I can tell you from sitting down and talking with Ton'e she has her wheels spinning with plans for the future, doing what she loves, and doing everything she can to make a difference for her peers.

Now let's discuss your lessons learned. Ton'e states that one of her many lesson's learned since becoming an author is promoting and tooting your own horn. You are as good as you believe you are and sometimes it takes you to believe in your work to promote it. Know that no one listens to a half hearted achiever. If you're going to offer something make it good, let it change or make a difference to someone.

My personal question to Ton'e was how do you feel about errors when there written in a book or an article. I don't like it, however there has to be room for forgiveness in writing. Most writers are just that writers you have to find an editor that understands you, what you write, and that's willing to be flexible to you as the artist that's doing the writing. My first editor could careless what I had written and made changes that construed the points I was attempting to make in my book and it was costly because we had to reprint editions three different times to get to a quality finished product. It was exhausting and very frustrating to have to redo my entire book to make sure it was right. So let me take this opportunity with this interview to say, "I apologize to those who got the first edition copy with the errors and given the chance I like to replace it and provide a personally signed updated new edition.

One of the questions I asked: Ton'e is there a recommended publishing literary service you prefer. There is no one service in this day and age to highly recommend you have to find the one that fits your need and your audience. Review as many as possible that represents the work you want to present to your readers. Edit and edit repeatedly, don't rush to get it out there and understand you will not catch every error. I say often that I have the desire to write but to edit while writing it's distracting and depending on someone to edit your book is scary. (She chuckles).

Ton'e is a beautiful young lady she has shown how great of a writer and inspiration she is and has become a role model as she commits to her dreams and aspirations with passion. Ton'e is well known in the writer's world of Atlanta, Georgia as the leader bringing authors, writers, and poets together through networking. Her future is definitely bright with many projects in the works such as WAPNG meet and greets conferences to edify and provide a place for artistic talents to connect. It's amazing how she puts herself in the mix of people sharing her warm heart of gratitude.

As our interview was coming to an end realizing Ton'e had taken time out of her scheduled studio time during a voice over recording session for an upcoming screenplay and book on CD that she unfortunately could not share the title with us yet. She graciously thanked me for my time given to her and appreciated being chosen as one of the recipients for the 2009 New Comer(s) Alumnus Writer's Awards. I asked may I say one last thing to you before you go? With a slight nod as she says, "yes" smiling. I wanted to share with you that I had the privilege of attending several of your book signings and thought it was great how you made every person that wanted to shake your hand or get a signed book you greeted each one with a warm smile of thanks. That is impressive! I also wanted to add how she has changed my life in a great way, her words "Never give your dream to someone else to determine," changed my life... I always wanted to say that to you.

Thank you Ton'e Brown for speaking so candid with me I wish you all the best in everything you do. Keep doing what you're doing you are making a difference in the literary world of artistic talents-Stay Strong!

Alumnus Representative, Keith Merriwether